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Khudoni H.E.P is located in Georgia which enjoys a huge and currently to large extent underutilized hydro energy potential, which creates a unique investment opportunity in hydro sector. There are 26000 rivers in Georgia with total annual potential capacity equivalent to 15000 MW and annual generation potential of 80 Billion KWh. The three major Rivers in Georgia are Enguri, Rioni and Mtkvari.

Hydro energy resources of the river Enguri is estimated to reach about 3530 MW capacity with the power production potential amounting to 10.3 billion KWh. Out of the given amount 5.5 billion KWh has already been realized through the operation of Enguri and Vardnili HPPs Cascade. In order to utilize the remaining part of economically feasible hydro energy potential, it was proposed to construct Khudoni HPP and Tobari HPP in the upper bank of the river Enguri at the elevations of 510m and 1060 m.

The Khudoni Hydroelectric Project, Khudoni HEP is part of the Enguri cascade system, parts of which (including the largest hydropower plant in Georgia, Enguri) were constructed in the 1987.  The Enguri river cascade system currently comprises hydropower plants: Enguri (1300MW) & Vardnili I (220 MW). Hydro Energy resources of Enguri River are estimated to about 3530 MW capacity with power potential amounting to 10.3 Billion KWh. So far 5.5 Billion KWh has already been harnessed through the operation of Enguri HPP (20X66 = 1320MW) and Vardnili Hydro Power Plant cascade (4X 55 = 220 MW).

The Khudoni Hydro project is on River Enguri and is about 34 Km upstream of operational Enguri Arch Dam (1320 MW). The Enguri River originates and flows only within the Georgian territory, thus having no international usage-of-water issues. The project comprises an arch dam, diversion tunnel, coffer dams, water intake and penstocks, underground powerhouse, tailrace tunnels, and other associated works. Khudoni HPP rated installed capacity is 702 MW, annual power generation reaching 1,539 billion KWh. The project envisages construction of an arch dam at crest with columns, with a height of 200.5 meters.